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I Have a Dream

American Renal Associates has a unique focus on people.  We are committed to providing outstanding services allowing our patients to remain as independent as possible.  We are also dedicated to working with patients, as well as their families, to create the ultimate wellness experience.

As a part of that focus, we are celebrating the dreams and success stories of our patients through our "I Have a Dream" program.  We want you not to just live to dialyze, but to DIALYZE TO REALLY LIVE.

More Patient Dreams & Success Stories

“Watch What I Can Do”


A Patient’s Transformation at
DeSoto Regional Dialysis Center

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A Patient's Wish Come True


A Simple Wish to Visit the Zoo Comes True for a
Patient at Regional Dialysis Center of Lancaster

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What is Your Dream?

Clinic Virtual Tours
rt-dream Celebrating the dreams and success stories of some of our patients. Find Out More >>