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A Patient’s Wish Come True

A Simple Wish to Visit the Zoo Comes True for a
Patient at Regional Dialysis Center of Lancaster

Mr. Antolina Saavedra is a patient at Lancaster Facility. He has two adult daughters who help provide his care. Both daughters are employed full time to help financially and are also attending school to become nurses.  Often times Mr. Saavedra is unable to get out to do the activities he once enjoyed.  When Mr. Saavedra was asked about his goals or if there was something that he would like to do that that he hasn't been able to, it did not take long for him to reply, "go to the zoo."

When we heard this simple request from Mr. Saavedra, we knew this was possibly something that we could make happen for him.  We reached out to the Dallas Zoo and spoke with their guest services representative and asked if they could donate a complimentary ticket to our patient, and anyone else who attended would gladly purchase their own tickets.  The Dallas Zoo was gracious enough to donate complimentary ticket for our patient as well as additional tickets to all who wanted to attend.

Special thanks to the Dallas Zoo!  It was arranged for Mr. Saavedra and his daughters to attend a Zoo Day on November 5th, 2015 with the ARA Lancaster Team!

A Successful Patient's Wish Come True!


Mr. Saavedra enjoying his time at the Zoo, along with
ARA Lancaster social worker Ashley Winters and his daughters.

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